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Beautiful- Absolutely beautiful. The artistic prowess of your drawing, and the music you use ensnare me to watch your videos. I absolutely love this new installment you have created- If I could give it a higher score than 5/5 I would. ;3 I'd love for you to make more.
Thankyou, for such a beautiful creation.

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I feel like I should say something;
I've been a Fan of Pewdiepie before he was such a 'big hit', But I do have to agree that, him, and the other top users on youtube have been getting rather full of themselves. All this shit about subscriptions, and all of these multiple channels, I can't keep up with it anymore. I fear that this overstimulation, and the use of branding everything is just pushing me away from these channels that I absolutely loved. It does make me sad to see people making fun of them, but, hey, to each their own. Loved the flash anyways.
You should make parodies on all of them ;3 <3

I've been waiting for this.

The style looks wonderful. I can say that you've improved very much!
And I do say, I was waiting for this to come out, And I'm quite happy that it did.
I laughed, and laughed, Loving the jokes like always!
I want you to hurry up on the rest ;D!
I cant wait <3
9000 out of 10.

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Okay, its all good and everything. Much faster/better FPS than the last game. But what really pisses me off about this game is the fact that if you click away from the game, it auto-pauses. I hate that with a bloody passion, and Don't feel like even touching the game because of it. Just put a damn pause button in the corner, and turn off the auto-pausing, so I can do other shit on the side of my screen, without the game pausing e-e. Having to deal with that in the first game was bloody annoying enough, and to still see it in this one, makes me sick D: I would love to play it, but geeze, the auto pause just ticks me off just enough ;-;

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SpyzViridian responds:

Okey, I turned off the auto-pausing. Now you can enjoy the game :)
The pause button is actually placed in down-right corner

Honestly, it would have been a complete 5/5 for me, if it hadn't deleted my whole save file. I'd was rather sad to see my hard work of a few hours had gone down the drain after getting back from work. Other than that, it was really fun to play. I have yet to beat it, but I'm going to try again.

Suggestions would be to perhaps create a whole new game, and add more things for you to do, and upgrades. I love the art by the way, its very beautiful, and the music is calming. I loved every bit. Except for my save being deleted.

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For some reason, I absolutely love games like this. Be it button king, Cookie clicker, or anything else, I can't help but to work my way through the game at a nearly OCD pace, until I finish the complete game.

I haven't completely finished this one yet, but it feels as if the Gold started out at a good pace, climbed very quickly, then just slightly mellowed out, making it harder for you to gain Large amounts of gold quickly for when you get to the higher numbers.

Now, I wish there were more upgrades that could be purchased, and perhaps more enemies that one can kill off to gain more gold and loot. I believe you should try and program a second game, with an additional character or two, and I'd love it just as much as this. I loved it through and through.
And yes. I'm stupid enough to do this for two weeks. :|

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This song is good for...

My daily life ;3
I've heard plenty of good songs; Techno, Hardstyle, Trance.
But this one throws it out the window. Its perfect for all three. A nice base, a High Pictched up-beat, And a good melody to keep it moving. Makes me want to get get up and groove. I'll be showing this too ALL of my friends at the raves ;D
Keep making good music!

Oakwood responds:

Make sure your friends download this too :)
Thanks for the review!

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I love the way you do sketches, though it's obviously perverse in nature >u>, I still love it~
Bravo bravo~

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Hahaha, Im a nice girl. But, If I don't like something, I tend to be nice about how I describe it, though sometimes I like to act all evil and crap. Haha xD But I love anime and other things like that.. Even Techno Music... Ect ect.... <3

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